Morocco – Best Business Opportunities, Thrust areas for Investment, Startup and Entrepreneurship

Morocco - Best Business Opportunities, Identification and Selection of right Project, Thrust areas for Investment, Industry Startup and Entrepreneurship

Morocco is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Geographically, Morocco is characterized by a rugged mountainous interior and large portion of desert. Its political capital is Rabat, although the largest city is Casablanca; other major cities include Marrakesh, Tangier, Tetouan, Salé, Fes, Agadir, Meknes, Oujda, Kenitra, and Nador.

Agriculture Sector: Agriculture accounts for only around 14% of GDP but employs 40–45% of the Moroccan working population. Thus, it is the largest employer in the country. Moroccan agricultural production also consists of orange, tomatoes, potatoes, olives, and olive oil. High quality agricultural products are usually exported to Europe. Morocco produces enough food for domestic consumption except for grains, sugar, coffee and tea. Agriculture industry in Morocco enjoys a complete tax exemption. Main products of this country are as follows:

Fishing Industry: The fishing industry in Morocco is a leading foreign exchange earner, accounting for 56% of agricultural and 16% of total exports. The objectives assigned to the fishery sector were (1) to contribute to nutritional status of the population by increasing the fish consumption, (2) to improve the balance of payments by fish exports for hard currencies and (3) to provide employment. In this framework, investments have been made to set up new infrastructure, to survey new markets, to train the workforce and to institute reforms.

Tourism and Travels: Tourism in Morocco is well developed, with a strong tourist industry focused on the country's coast, culture, and history. Travel and tourism in Morocco continued to grow substantially during 2014, recording more than 14 million domestic and inbound trips. Morocco's relatively high amount of tourists has been aided by its location, tourist attractions, and relatively low price. Morocco has an excellent road and rail infrastructure that links the major cities and tourist destinations with ports and cities with international airports. Low-cost airlines offer cheap flights to the country.

Mining and Mineral: The Mining and Mineral industry of Morocco is important to the national economy. The mining sector is one of the pillars of Morocco's economy. Morocco excelled in its richness of mineral deposits and in 2010 the country was the third leading producer and a leading exporter of phosphate in the world. Morocco and the country’s mineral industry played a significant role in boosting the national economy thanks to increase in production and export of phosphate. Experts feel that Morocco has the potential for mining silver, zinc, cobalt and magnesium.

Textile and Clothing: Textile and clothing form a major industry in Morocco. The textile and clothing sector of the western North African country of Morocco has been experiencing major development. The Textile & Clothing industry is one of the oldest, largest and most global industries in the world. Textile & Clothing offers a range of opportunities including entry-level jobs for unskilled labour in developing countries.
The sector covers five types of activity:
Warp and woof
Knitted fabric
Household textiles

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