Munich (EDDM) – Innsbruck (LOWI) *first time, with humor* (X-Plane 10, JARDesign A320neo)

Innsbruck is said to be one of the most difficult and dangerous airports in Europe and needs special training to fly into.

So - I thought it would be a perfect place for our airline to fly a full holiday flight without almost any knowing about VOR, LOC, RNAV etc. navigations. "How hard can it be?" as Jeremy Clarkson & boys usually said in Top Gear when trying quite hard things without real competence for that.

White Cloud Airlines' aviation humour is just this - learning to fly by trial and error, with a tongue-in-cheek way.

Video parts:

00:00 - Introduction to White Cloud Airlines & starting up the plane
11:20 - Predicting the fuel
11:50 - Programming the FMC
15:38 - Planning the flight (or trying to do that)
28:00 - Pushback & start and taxiing
42:40 - Takeoff
56:00 - Approach to Innsbruck

Our airline's official slogan is "Live like there's no tomorrow", and our sister virtual airline - White Cloud Budget (which provides ultra-cheap flights without any safety standards) has a slogan "Life has never been cheaper before".

We'll soon post more videos telling about White Cloud Airlines and our aviation humour. We'll also show our fleet of airplanes, an Airbus A320neo (by JARDesing), Boeing 757-200 (by FlightFactor) and an almost falling-in-pieces DC-9-30 for White Cloud Budget.

This is the first ever video of White Cloud Airlines - a virtual airline consisted of two enthusiastic sim guys - Sakari & Janne + their friend & teacher (who's a real Airbus pilot on a major airline). Subscribe, like (if you like!) and stay tuned for a lot of more X-Plane flights with a twist of humor.

My computer specs:

X-Plane 10.42
Mac Pro (2010), 8-core 2,40 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, GeForce 980Ti 6 GB, Windows 8.1 Professional. CH products yoke & pedals.


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