My Airfare Secrets Saves You Money on Airline Travel

If you've always wanted to know how to find inexpensive airline tickets there is a great ebook available called My Airfare Secrets. It is authored by Tony Morrison, an ex-airline ticketing agent who shows you all the secrets of the airline ticketing system. This gives you the inside track to obtaining cheap airfare to anywhere you wish to travel.

After 16 years of service in the airline industry he was unceremoniously fired leaving him unemployed and looking for a job. After spending some time thinking about his predicament he decided that all those years spent behind the scenes was worth something and the idea for his book was hatched. Fortunately for you his decision means the average traveler can now learn the inside secrets for cheap airfare.

This book is full of valuable tips, tricks, and secrets divided into four sections that start with Basic Tricks and ends with Top Secret Tricks. This is first rate information that most people are unaware of, although some of the tips given in the first part of the book are better known. Once you get into the last three sections the savings can be quite a surprise.

Once you know how to play the travel game finding inexpensive airline tickets becomes easier. The secret of this ebook is teaching you how and when the airlines offer discounts on their tickets. Understanding this gives you the inside track to getting more for your travel dollar.

Here's a quick overview of some of the things you will learn. Your timing when buying airfares can make a big difference when it comes to finding discounted tickets. There are deals to be had everyday if you know when they occur, what questions to ask, and where to find them. There are many tips and trick you can use to search out these deals and save money.

Sometimes it the simple things that can save you money, such as knowing the best day of the week and time of the day to travel. Off season travel can save you even more because many destinations offer discounts on accommodations as well as airfare during these times. Knowing all the secrets will save you hundreds of dollars every time you travel. And who doesn't want that extra cash in their pocket when they get to their destination.

Traveling by air is expensive, there is no denying it. But it is possible to save good chunks of money if you know how and My Travel Secrets shows you exactly how to do that. Even if you only fly a few times a year you will save more then enough to cover your investment in Tony's ebook if you follow his money saving advice.

Source by Brandy Serena

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