My first RC flight ever with Dynam Spitfire 1200mm (Its also the maiden flight of my spitfire)

Hello people,

About a month ago, I've decided to buy an RC aircraft and learn how to fly it. So I read many reviews and messages in the forums about what to buy and how to start. Almost all people were suggesting stupid looking trainers. But like all newbies, I also wanted to have a scale airplane. I keep searched and saw that those stupid looking trainers and the warbirds have almost the same prices. Therefore I bought a spitfire to start with.

I found Dynam Spitfire in a domestic hobbyshop here in Turkey. I bought it, build it myself and made a few changes on it.

1st change was the colors of Dynam Spitfire. They were not so good, so I painted it with airbrush and transform it to a Turkish Spitfire. I decided to do it after I watched Mr. Teoman Özbelli's video. He was suggesting to paint it with acrylic paints. That is how I did too. 🙂 Thank you, Mr. Özbelli.

I also made the gear mod which I saw it in one of MrRCflying's videos. I used different materials but the idea was the same. I want to thank him about that video and the others as well.

Although Dynam Spitfire has a transmitter. I ordered Turnigy 9XR and FRSky DJT module from Hobbyking and I used it during the flight.

As most of people usually do, I recorded my first RC flight and wanted to share with you guys. It may be last time to see my spitfire as a whole, so I wanted to document it and save it. I also wanted show to the experienced pilots that we dont have start with ugly planes. We can even fly warbirds after we make some practice on simulators which was what I did. I trained about 4-5 hours on a simulator before I try my first flight.

During the video I'll be talking to my father in Turkish but I added English subs for international viewers. Sorry for my english, please excuse me for my mistakes. 🙂 I dont think you can learn something from this video but at least you can see a father and a son having good time together. Thank you again dad. This was another enjoyable time to remember which I shared with you.