My First Time Piloting an Ultralight (2-Person Aircraft)

So several of my RC flying buddies own ultralights, so sometimes I am fortunate enough to get to fly my RC planes at their field. Well one day I was offered the opportunity to go up for a flight in an Ultralight. While flying, the pilot asked if i wanted to try piloting the plane. Having ZERO flying experience, i was hesitant of course, but was told that very BASICS of flying RC essentially transfer over to flying this ultralight aircraft....and when i say basics, i mean stick direction is essentially the same as the aircrafts controls. So i handed over the gopro and gave it a shot. I was very thankful that Randy trusted me....he had his hands on the gopro and not on the sticks, so i was really flying the plane ALL ME! What an exhilarating experience! FPV is one thing, but being able to hop in your own aircraft and go for a sunset flight is a freedom i am glad so many of my friends get to experience. It truly is a blast, and i encourage anyone who has a passion for flying to check these things out. They are obviously not toys, but man imagine having one, Id be out playing in it as often as possible!


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