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Why be a part of Trade Flights?

Trade Flights provides non-public jet charter operators with a further tool to plug their on-demand empty leg flights. This service permits jet operators to specialize in their core business of personal jet charter whereas gaining further revenue from what otherwise would be unsold sectors.

This web site focuses only on promoting the sale of empty legs by making a consolidated marketplace for on-demand empty leg flights. Jet operators still have complete management over the sales method and there's no charge or share cut for any bookings obtained via the web site.

A subscription service is needed to post empty legs to the system, however operators and even brokers will produce and manage an organization profile at no cost which is able to be promoted to our social media and affiliate directory sites for potential customers to flick thru.

ONE single empty leg charter flight will easily pay for the price of the subscription.

If you have any queries on registration or posting of empty leg flights to the website please do not hesitate to contact Trade Flights.