New Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 Economy Class Flight Trip Seattle to Maui

Check out my flight onboard a new Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 aka known as Kūkalani'ehu N373HA amongst the fleet from Seattle to Maui, Hawaii. Did you know all of Hawaiian's aircraft are named after star constellations?

The fact that I rode a new aircraft could've overseen any flaws with this trip, but other than the booking there was nothing that went wrong in my eyes. Judge for yourself as you'll witness the trip from check-in at KSEA Seattle, WA to walking off the plane in OGG Maui, Hawaii.

My complaints:
1. My seats were switched after booking trying to force me and my wife to sit on seperate sides of the aircraft. We booked this flight over 3 months before the date and didn't find this acceptable so it took a bit of back and forth over the phone a week before the flight with customer service to get things straightened out. The funny thing was, I noticed most everyone sitting next to their party members on the day of the flight but talking to customer service this was almost impossible to have happen for me.

2. The IFE was way overpriced. No longer are the digi-players available. The best deal would be to get the TV package ($6.99) as it'll provide you with hours of entertainment during the flight with the wide variety of TV shows. Movies ($7.99 per film) are all modern titles fresh out of the theater.

3. Food: I found the snack mix to be much more edible than the main meal. Hawaiian use to have a connection with a top chef on the islands and a lot of people found the meals enjoyable for air food. Bring it back.

Love the service! Hawaiian Airlines puts Delta to shame when it comes to service to the islands. Every HA flight I've been on has mostly been on-time within reason, the equipment regardless of age has felt clean and modern. When you board a Hawaiian aircraft, it already feels like your Hawaiian vacation has begun.

4 out of 5 stars. If it weren't for the seating mix-up due to booking with their website's vacation package page I'd give a 5.

Filmed: October 2014


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