Newest Adventure Destination In Alaska – Cordova!

Cordova, Alaska has long been known as a fisherman's best kept secret. But adventure seekers feel like they've found the prize in Cordova. From water sports like whitewater rafting and kayaking to hiking, mountain biking and ice climbing, Cordova has a lot to offer. And although it's slightly off the beaten path of mainstream tourism, it is relatively easy to access.

As spring turns to summer, Cordova adventurers can turn their sights on sea kayaking and river rafting. Choose a guided or unguided excursion into Orca Inlet. Home to the largest sea otter population on the west coast, sea kayaking with local guides will have you up close to these playful creatures. Or for a real Alaskan experience, try river rafting among giant blue icebergs with expert guides. You can go rafting in a lot of places in the world, but rafting with icebergs is something you can only get in special places like Cordova.

Cordova also has guides available to take you ice climbing onto a glacier. Imagine climbing vertical ice, in the warmth of the summer, or getting outfitted for a trek across the ice fields. The surreal landscapes and the thrill of adventure are highlights of this trip.

Mountain bikes are available to rent from a couple of outfitters and at least one outfitter has professional guides to take you into the backcountry on some great single track riding trails. As you pedal through the farthest north rainforest, in and around mountain lakes, you won't even notice you've gotten your heart rate up. There are also over 50 of miles of National Forest Trails to hike and explore either on your own or with expert guides like those at Alaska River Expeditions

This newest Alaskan adventure destination is easy to reach. Daily jet service from Seattle, Juneau and Anchorage are available from Alaska Airlines and Era Aviation. Also, daily ferry service from the port cities of Valdez and Whittier (less than an hour south of Anchorage) is available from the Alaska Marine Highway System. So if you're looking for great adventure, away from the crowds, check out Cordova, Alaska.

Source by Robin Irving

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