“NASA Reference Publication 1207 1987/01/08 August 1988” page 30, math book concluding remarks
& on how to construct an aircraft flight model that ignored the round rotating earths dynamic atmosphere

COMPASS & INERTIAL NAVIGATION SYSTEMS CHAPTER 7 # 12 27 31 33 47 The earth, of course, is
not flat, neither is it exactly round. Its radius at the poles is less than its radius at the equator. It also
spins about its polar axis & orbits around the sun. You must take all of these factors into account &
correct them Once you accomplish these corrections, you "may" navigate by inertial means on earth

The Limitless Sky Air Force Science & Technology Contributions page 14 As a simplification, assume
that the GPS satellites are stationary & that the user is upon a flat, nonrotating Earth. All of the satellites
are synchronized & transmit a signal at the exact same time.

because their are no major antartic cables & No undersea cables going South on the antartic contenent
they used a a Flat Earth Map & their was no FLAT NONROTATING, STATIONARY, EARTH quote at all

refering to Universal planisphere complete guidance & computer system US patents 3858334 & 4083121
for a 'Time Chart' of different timezones & no FLAT NONROTATING, STATIONARY, EARTH quotes at all

NASA Technical Report Document 19850023280 1985/01/01 - 1995/11/13 "Flat-Earth modeling is a
desirable alternative to the complex spherical-Earth modeling process," as a simplifcation only , again

AIRCRAFT FLIGHT DYNAMICS & CONTROL by Wayne Durham says Because this expression
ignores all terms resulting from the rotation of the Earth & does not depend on the Earth’s curvature, it
is commonly called the fat-Earth approximation or Flat, non-rotating Earth Inertial Acceleration of a Mass

A simplified model is a description, of a system or process, to assist calculations & predictions. see also
Simple models that assume masses are just points with no volume or models that ignore the effects of
atmospheric resistance are used all the time, but That doesn't mean objects have no volume air resistance
just because it was ignored for the sake of discussion, No one claimed the earth is flat in these docs,

flat earthers Claim every picture of the earth is CGI as an easy cop out, just like saying you are a shill
or not a real person & will infuriatingly refuse to prove ANY of it & say If you live on a globe with a 1000
mph spin & 66,600 mph orbit around the sun why wont you look at the so called planets with a camera
or telescope , your brain fell out Don't let 1 thing stop you from seeing the truth. look them up! You &
you alone are responsible for finding the truth. unless you just wanna use people who really research

As a federal agency NASA receives its funding from the annual federal budget passed by Congress
as about 0.486% of the $4 trillion total budget 2016 or $19.3 billion a year or 55 million a day

Why stars twinkle, but planets don’t


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