Onboard Easyjet Flight EZY022. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK to London Luton, England, UK. 8th March 2010

Date: Monday 8th March 2010
Airline: Easyjet
Flight No: EZY022
Aircraft: Boeing 737-73V
Aircraft Reg No: G-EZKF
Serial number: 32427 LN:1489
First flight date: 07/04/2004
Seat No: 11A (Window Seat)
Departure Airport: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Depature Gate No: 7
Departure Runway: 06
Arrival Airport: London Luton, England, UK
Arrival Gate No: 21R
Arrival Runway: 08
Take-off Time:
Arrival on Runway:
Flight Duration: 52 mins

This is the FULL flight from Edinburgh to London Luton. On the 28th April 2011, this aircraft was retired from Easyjet and now flies with Enerjet as C-GDEJ.

0:06 Outside view of the plane from inside the Terminal building. Includes Captain welcome announcement.

0:12 Close up of registration number.

0:15 Taxiing to Runway 06.

0:49 Take-off.

1:41 Views of Fife.

2:05 Turning over Fife.

2:34 Onboard snack. Mcvities Mini Milk Chocolate Hobnobs (travel pack) and their new onboard Starbucks tea.

2:50 Captains flight update.

2:57 Views over Northeast England.

3:03 Cabin overview.

3:13 Overhead panel.

3:21 Tray table overview.

3:52 In-flight magazine March 2010.

3:58 Safety card.

4:07 Legroom demonstration.

4:12 Side panel.

4:21 Seatback advertising - Starbucks beverage and muffin offer.

4:27 Seatback pocket overview.

4:39 Chewing gum coated armrest in front of me.

4:46 Seat overview.

5:00 Descent into London Luton and views over the surrounding areas.

6:15 Final approach.

6:43 Landing on Runway 08.

7:20 Passenger welcome announcement.

7:48 Taxiing to the Gate.

8:20 Pulling onto stand 21R.

Filmed using the Sony HDR-HC9 HDV1080i High Definition Handycam.


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