Onboard Easyjet Flight EZY2123. London Luton, England, UK to Nice Côte d’Azur, Southern France

Date: Wednesday 30th March 2011
Airline: Easyjet
Flight No: EZY2123
Aircraft: Airbus A319-111
Aircraft Reg No: G-EZDE
Serial No.: 3426
First Flight Date: Unknown
Delivery Date: 06/03/2008
Test Registration: D-AVYP
Seat No.: 13A – Window Seat
Departure Airport: London Luton, England, UK
Depature Gate No: Gate 19 / Stand 60
Departure Runway: 26
Arrival Airport: Nice Côte d’Azur, Southern France
Arrival Gate No: 50A, Terrminal 2
Arrival Runway: 04L
Push-back time: 2:49pm BST
Departure time: 2:59pm BST
Landing time: 5:29pm CEST
Arrival time at Gate: 5:33pm CEST
Flight Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

This is the FULL flight from London Luton, UK to Nice Cote D’Azur, Southern France. Includes footage from onboard G-EZBV before having to get off the plane and change onto this plane. Also includes full pilot and co-pilot commentary.

0:00 – Captain welcomes us onboard using the PA and announces that the plane has “a technical problem”.

0:06 – Boarding Card.

0:19 – Baggage trucks parked.

0:24 – Looking out over the private plane parking stands.

0:31 – Fuel truck filling up the plane – over 5,800 gallons of fuel onboard so far!

0:35 – Road sweeper cleans the taxiway.

0:40 – Rain dripping off the wing.

0:46 – Captain comes back over the P.A at 12:37pm to tell us that they have managed to find another plane and that we will have to get off the plane.

1:19 – At 12:55pm, the captain come over the P.A again to apologise to us for not being able to leave the plane yet due to insufficient airport staff! Also includes passengers arriving off a Wizz Air flight just arrived from Eastern Europe. The aircraft is an A320-232 and Reg No. is HA-LPI.

1:49 – At 1:30pm, we were finally onboard the new plane – G-EZDE – and the captain welcomes us again and describes the route we will be taking on the way down to Nice.

1:56 – A Monarch Airlines A320-211 – G-OZBB parked at the Gate.

2:05 – Private planes parked at remote stands.

2:42 – Taxiing onto Runway 26 and the take-off.

3:40 – Airborne.

3:58 – Starting an initial left turn over the Lower Harpenden Road and we ascend into the clouds.

4:16 – Flaps fully retract.

4:33 – Ascending out of the clouds.

4:51 – Winglet reflection on the wing.

5:19 – Thin cloud above us.

5:27 – Close up of the winglet.

5:31 – Turning left over the thick layers of cloud to start our correct heading to Nice.

6:10 – Close up of the engine casing.

6:26 – Seat-back and tray-table overview. Includes legroom demonstration and close up of the carpet.

7:17 – Co-pilot comes over the P.A with an mid-flight update saying that we were just passing Claremont, Central France and that we were going to shortly be passing Saint-Étienne-de-Crossey, Southeast France and then starting our initial decent into Nice. He also says that it might be a bit bumpy when we come into land due to recent thunderstorm activity in the area. Includes seat-back pan.

7:28 – Looking back over thick cloud.

7:33 – My Apple & Mango J2O juice drink and Oreos which I purchased onboard.

7:47 – Close up of the wing.

7:53 – Gatwick Express seat-back advert.

8:04 – Thick cloud below.

8:08 – Seat overview.

8:27 – Light / moderate turbulence.

8:51 – Plane passes to the left of us.

9:06 – The clouds begin to clear.

9:14 – Overhead panel.

9:18 – Forward cabin overview.

9:26 – The Southern Alps.

9:36 – Snowcapped Southern Alps.

9:43 – The fasten seat-belt signs are switched on and the cabin crew prepares the cabin for landing.

10:03 – Green fields below us.

10:08 – Fasten seat-belt signs light on the overhead panel.

10:13 – Overhead luggage bins.

10:20 – Descending into light cloud.

10:36 – Descending out of light cloud.

10:44 – Descending into thick cloud.

10:53 – Flying over thick cloud.

11:01 – Flying round thick cloud.

11:22 – The hills behind Nice.

11:35 – Flying above the clouds with flaps out.

11:48 – Antibes.

11:59 – Passing next to the beach and Espace Marineland, Antibes.

12:14 – Passing Quai d’Honneur, Villeneuve-Loubet.

12:29 – Final approach. Includes views of the Alps behind Nice with cloud covering half the mountain.

13:01 – Landing on Runway 04L.

13:33 – Turning off the Runway.

13:50 – Flaps retract.

14:02 – Cabin crew welcome announcement. Includes a Europe Airpost Boeing 737-300 on Remote Stand.

14:14 – A private Boeing 767-300 at Stand 11A.

14:17 – Europ Star Aircraft Hawker Beechcraft 390 Premier IA at Stand 17.

14:24 – Pulling up to the Gate.

14:30 – PTU is engaged.

14:47 – Engines shutdown.

14:49 – An Air France by Régional Compagnie Aérienne Européenne Embraer 170 at Stand 57.

14:53 – Cabin crew prepare doors for arrival.


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