ONR’s LOCUST: Demonstrating swarming low-cost UAVs Flight test

Check out how the LOCUST UAV is deployed from tube launchers, and begins to swarm.

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has revealed that it has been conducting demonstrations of swarming unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at various locations. The demonstrations were part of the Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology (LOCUST) program, which is developing quick launching UAV swarm technology to overwhelm adversaries.

Unsurprisingly, the military has also recognized the potential of drone swarms and ONR's LOCUST drones are designed to share information between each other once in the air to allow them to collaborate autonomously on defensive or offensive missions.

As well as taking people out of harm's way, the technology is anticipated to free personnel up to perform more complex tasks and allow fewer people to carry out more missions. They are also expected to significantly lower costs, with ONR pointing out that even hundreds of small autonomous UAVs cost much less than a single tactical aircraft.

The LOCUST system consists of a tube-based launcher that is able to get multiple drones airborne in quick succession. ONR says the small size of the launcher and the drones themselves means the system can be used to launch UAVs from ships, tactical vehicles, aircraft, or even larger unmanned platforms.

Source: http://www.onr.navy.mil/Media-Center/Press-Releases/2015/LOCUST-low-cost-UAV-swarm-ONR.aspx


More Info: http://www.defensetech.org/2016/01/04/u-s-navy-plans-to-fly-first-drone-swarm-this-summer/

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