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Ottawa Tourist Guide

Slide 1: Welcome to Nanak Flights!

Slide 2: Are you planning a visit to Ottawa?

Slide 3: These approximate travel times would help you plan a visit.
By Air:
Toronto to Ottawa -- 45 minutes
Montreal to Ottawa -- 30 minutes
New York to Ottawa -- 1-/2 hours
Washington to Ottawa -- 2 hours
London to Ottawa -- 7 Hours
Frankfurt to Ottawa -- 8 hours.

Slide 4: Wondering what to do in Ottawa?

Slide 5: Ottawa is blessed with an abundance of attractions that will enliven your visit no matter the time of year.

Slide 6: Bask in the city's wealth of historic landmarks — from the iconic Parliament Buildings to the Rideau Canal — all located within its downtown core.

Slide 7: Where to Stay in Ottawa?

Slide 8: Search detailed information (photos, features and more) on Ottawa hotels by clicking on the hotels tab on

Slide 9: Where to Eat & Shop in Ottawa?

Slide 10: In the variety of neighborhoods across the city you'll discover unique boutiques, hot shopping districts and culinary delights.

Slide 11: For more detailed info on Ottawa and to book cheap flights to Ottawa, please visit our website.


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