Paramotor Foot Draggin Fun!! Powered Paragliding Precision Flying With Flat Top & Blacklight!!

800-707-2525 Paramotor powered paragliding foot drags are the funnest thing ever. There is nothing quite like floating over the surface of the ground and dragging your foot in the snow. It is also incredibly difficult and extremely beneficial for active piloting skill building. The ability to maintain a perfect altitude while going around corners, through your wake over uneven terrain take the exact same skills as true active piloting. So if you can do foot drags extremely well then you can control the glider perfectly in adverse conditions. Without proper active piloting skills you are 5000 times more likely to take a collapse. By reacting instinctively to the glider the pilot can prevent it by feeling and maintaining the pressure in the wing. If the pressure drops your hands drop to maintain pressure. It isn't something you can think about, you need to have the reflexes so it comes automatically. That is why it is so important the get proper training from WPPGA recommended instructors. It's great that paramotoring is an unregulated sport since you don't need any license to fly but it is also why about 97% of those acting as instructors don't even have the most basic skills or understanding of how to really fly. At a National Kiting Competition all 4 Team Flat Top pilots won all 4 top spots. The fake instructors lost badly. Those like Andy McAvin of TX Fly Sports and Paul of Planet PPG who both pretend to be instructors in reality have never had a day of proper instruction in their lives. Needless to say they lost the competition badly. Paul didn't even lose to another competitor. He lost to himself as he couldn't even maintain control of his wing on his own. It's sad that people like these are out there promoting themselves as instructors so just make sure you get with truly skilled world class pilots for training. The very best way to get instruction is to go to the WPPGA National Training Center. Then you get the very best training in the world with the very best pilots in the world. If the very best training saves you from even one single accident then it paid for itself 5 times over. The WPPGA is there to ensure you get the very best training at the lowest possible cost. They make the training so good and the price so low it gives you no excuse at all not to get the very best training.

Paramotoring is the funnest thing you will ever do with unlimited extremely valuable uses as a personal aircraft. Search & Rescue, advertising, or flying to your remote cabin in the middle of winter has never been more incredible. That is IF you get the right gear and training. There is a lot of junk on the market without completely outdated paramotors from parajet, fly products, black hawk, nirvana and others being pushed heavily onto the market as new when they don't have any of even the most basic safety features. This is why all the best pilots fly Flat Tops. They have the very best power to weight ratio, the best durability and reliability and are absolutely without question the safest units on the market. ZERO people have ever died on Flat Top paramotors. How safe the sport is completely depends on the quality of gear and instruction you receive. This is not a sport where getting the cheapest saves you money. The very best gear doesn't even cost that much more than the low end stuff. It makes a life & death difference though so when you want to get flying, just contact the experts:



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