Parkour 280 Folding Brushless Drone : Review and flight : Rc 101

If you don’t have much space but you need to go fast then the ROA Parkour 280 folding quad rotor is for you. You can pick one up for $199.98 from…


Parkour 280 Folding Racer

The powerful brushless motors can easily rocket you across the race track or lift your gopro cam. The included soft carrying case is a great addition. It easily fits the folded aircraft, the included 2.4 GHz transmitter, the battery and charger, I was even able to fit my FPV monitor in the case.

Unfortunately there is no onscreen display showing voltage or flight time so keep an eye on your battery and don’t fly to long.

You should be able to get about 15 minutes of flight with the stock battery but recharge times are a little long at over an hour with the included charger.

The speed is great, it handles itself well and it turns quickly, it did twitch a few times during take off and landings but nothing major.

The canopy looks nice and the aircraft seams to be nicely programmed with multiple flight modes for racers of all speeds.

check it out and don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more.


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