Pet-Friendly Cheap Flights

Traveling with a pet can be downright expensive. Most airlines are not really pet-friendly; as a matter of fact they give off the vibe that leaving the pet home would have been a better idea. Sometimes leaving a pet at home is not an option. Many conscientious pet owners cannot bear to be separated from their fur babies for longer than a few hours at a time, and maybe you are among them. Finding pet-friendly cheap flights might prove to be a challenge.

Each airline has different requirements for pets that will fly with their owners. Most airlines require at the minimum a certificate of health from the pet's veterinarian stating that the pet does not have communicable diseases and is up to date on all the shots and other requirements. A health certificate is going to be the first of many expenses that come along with flying with a pet. Some airlines will still allow a pet to ride in the cabin of the plane as long as the pet carrier is small enough to fit under the passenger's seat and the weight of the carrier does not exceed specific weight limits (with some airlines, it's twenty pounds, with others, it's ten). In days gone by there was no charge for a pet to ride along in the carrier under the passenger seat as they were in essence looked at as luggage, however today that has changed. The airlines that do allow the pet carrier to ride inside the cabin charge for that luxury. The majority of airlines does not allow the pet inside the cabin and require that the pet carrier is stowed away in the cargo area under the plane. Of course, they also charge for the pet to ride below. On one hand it is understandable why an airline may not allow pets in the cabin in this litigious age where everyone sues everyone. A pet in the sealed cabin of the plane can easily trigger allergies. Many airlines are not willing to take the risk of being sued by other passengers that may suffer from allergies, so they require that the pets are stowed away with the luggage.

Typically it is going to cost extra, regardless of the nature of the airlines' attitude toward flying with a pet. A pet-friendly cheap flight might only add an additional twenty dollars for the pet to tag along, a not so pet-friendly cheap flight can run into the hundreds of dollars to take a pet along. A good rule of thumb is to call the airlines and ask about their pet policy and get the specifics to make sure that there are no surprises on the travel date. Some airlines will allow pets to travel in the cabin, but limit the number to three per flight (or more or less, depending on the airline), so booking in advance can help you make certain that you're one of the passengers that can bring a pet along.

Shop around and call several different airlines that have cheap flights to your planned destination and find one that will treat a pet as a guest - not as luggage - for a reasonable fee.

Source by Ezekiel Phippen

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