Phantom 3 Advanced Initial Flights 1080HD

Some initial footage from the Phantom 3 Advanced using 1080HD.

All of the flying took place within 30m of the the ground and 30m of the pilot as per the DJI's default app settings.

The control settings were all default, including set to beginner mode.


Very impressive footage, easy to fly, and the app included lots of great voice prompts denoting critical phases of flight. Such as upon arming and reaching height and distance boundaries.

The return to home function worked well, the way-point recording in flight was impressive also.

It held its position completely, or moved instantly and smoothly where commanded.

The gimbal was slowly or instantly tilt-able and perfectly stabilised the camera for the entire flight.

The aircraft was very quick to lock on and acquire over a dozen satellites and be ready to fly in under 30 seconds from turn on.


No field charging.

Extra batteries are expensive.


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