Phuket Private Jet Terminal

In the expansion plans for Phuket International Airport are considerations to open a dedicated private jet terminal.

It is proposed that private investors will be responsible for the development and that it will be constructed separately from the main terminal building. It's thought that if the plans go ahead, the terminal will offer VIP ground handling services and hospitality that rivals five star hotels.

Phuket International is already the second busiest civil airport in Thailand and has seen an increase in the number of private jets, mostly used by property developers seeking out land a development opportunities in the area.

If plans go ahead for the new terminal, Phuket will be sure to attract more private jet charter clients and will be a popular destination for charter operators and brokers.

Private Jet Charters are a growing business and are being recognised by many to be the most time efficient way to travel. Many airports have or are considering private terminals to enhance their service offering and increase their revenue. Airports with dedicated private travel facilities are the perfect partner as they promote a speedy departure and reduce delays on arrival.

Ground handling is an essential part of the private jet charter experience and offers many benefits over travelling on commercial airlines. Predominantly offering a check in time of an average of ten minutes and in many cases allowing the passengers car to drive directly to the steps of the aircraft. A real benefit for regular business travellers who would otherwise be spending up to three hours at the airport prior to departure.

Source by Rob Dore

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