Pilot PLAYING with a Real 737! Empty Aircraft Waving with Ailerons and Short Landing!

"We have to have fun sometimes" was what the captain told the ATC! When the aircraft has no passengers at all, it's an opportunity for ultra short landings and perhaps a few things pilots wouldn't have done with passengers onboard, such as waving to the plane spotters with the 737's ailerons, rolling from left to right! Watch this SAS 737-700 make a short final at Skiathos airport, the Second St Maarten, roll from left to right on short final, then come in for a typical low approach, performing, though, an ultra short landing, stopping even before the taxiway! Then watch the aircraft backtrack and lineup for a takeoff, with plane spotters enjoying the 737's jet blast!

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Camera used:
-Panasonic HDC-SD90

Microphone used:
-Rode Videomic Pro @ -10dB

Tripod used:
- Velbon DV-7000

Editing Software:
-Sony Vegas Pro 12


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