Pizza Tray Flying Car More Test Flights

A little more successful today, but just a little more breezy that I wanted.

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I Super Charged my Flying Truck the easy way!

Main components

Polystyrene Pizza Trays
Aluminium drinks can
Thin plastic straws
Here is an example of the eBay listing for the motor
The eBay link for the previous propeller is
The bigger one is

Clearly many parts of the world do not have polystyrene pizza trays. They are just the packaging that my local supermarkets use for pizzas. I use them because they are free and would otherwise be thrown away. You could use any polystyrene or styrofoam packaging you can find or even buy foam board from model shops. The foam I am using is about 5mm thick.

Main Tools

Sharp knife

Filmed using
FujiFilm FinePix XP70

Edited using
Serif MoviePlus Starter Edition

Pizza Tray Flying Car
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Generally my projects are for my grandchildren to enjoy. OK, I enjoy them too. If anybody else likes them, that is a bonus. I like to keep my work as simple and basic as possible so that it can be copied easily and improved by anybody who wants to try themselves. I recycle or repurpose items rather than buy new and when I do buy I like to keep it cheap.


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