Plane Crash Investigation | Mayday XL Airways Germany Flight 888T

XL Airways Germany Flight 888T was an Airbus A320 which crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, 7 km off Canet-en-Roussillon on the French coast, close to the Spanish border, in November 2008. The technical flight originated from Perpignan - Rivesaltes Airport, made an overflight of Gaillac and was flying back to Perpignan Airport, doing an approach over the sea. This flight took place immediately following light maintenance and repainting to Air New Zealand livery on the aircraft done at EAS Industries in preparation for a transfer of the plane from XL Airways Germany, which leased the aircraft, to Air New Zealand, the owner.

Seven people were aboard, two Germans (pilot Norbert Kaeppel and co-pilot Theodore Ketzer from XL Airways) and five New Zealanders (one pilot, three aircraft engineers and one member of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand). Two bodies were recovered within hours of the crash; the others were found during later weeks.

The extent of shattering of the wreckage indicated that the crash occurred at high speed.

The crash area was declared a crime scene and the French justice system opened a manslaughter investigation.

The aircraft had been overhauled by a local French company located at the Perpignan--Rivesaltes Airport prior to its return off lease.


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