Plane Overruns Overshoots Skids off Runway Inside Aircraft Crash Landing Passengers use Escape Slide

A Plane Overruns Overshoots and Skids off Runway with an Inside Aircraft view of Crash Landing and Passengers using the Escape Slide. The incident took place on April 6th, 1993 when TACA Flight 510 – a Boeing 767-200 (San Salvador to Los Angeles) — overran the runway at Guatemala City’s La Aurora International Airport, with a rain soaked surface a key factor. The following report extract from Times Wire Services April 7th, 1993 provides some more detail about the incident. “All 215 passengers and 11 crew on the Boeing 767-200 escaped with only minor injuries. Five passengers and four people on the ground were treated at a local hospital. Two homes were destroyed and two others damaged when the jet struck the Santa Fe and La Libertad neighborhood on the edge of Guatemala City’s international airport. The plane barreled down a hill into a poor neighborhood, smashing through one cinderblock house before coming to rest atop another, its left wing apparently clipped near the tip and its nose drooping to the ground. “It touched down, the thrust reversers deployed, then apparently there was some difficulty by the flight crew in bringing the plane to a stop,” Boeing spokesman Mark Hooper said in Seattle. “It went off the left side of the runway and hit some housing.” Airport officials would not comment on what caused the crash. “We must wait for the results of the investigations to determine the reasons for the accident,” said Dr. Enrique Borgo Bustamente, director of TACA Airlines. But a TACA press release said rain may have contributed, adding that quick thinking by Capt. Miguel Call avoided more serious injuries and damages.”


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