Plane Spotting at Dane County Regional Airport! EPIC systems charter flights!

I happened to be spotting at KMSN when i saw a united A319 come in. So I was very surprised as most flights here are little puddle jumpers. I walked to the terminal to end up seeing on the flight board tons of flights arriving from all over like Los Angles, San Francisco, New York (JFK), Houston, and even Seattle the list goes on. And all of these aircraft where mainline except for the RDU flight which was on a E175. but otherwise they where all 757's and 737s among others. I was not able to stay for long sadly but I was more than happy with what I got. when I got home I researched why all of these aircraft where here. I found out that the medical company EPIC from Verona WI had a party and over 100,000 people showed up! I'm already planing on plane spotting for next years party. Thanks for watching! 🙂


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