Plane struck by lighting: Icelandair flight hit by lightning mid-air, leaving massive hole

Passengers aboard a Icelandair flight experienced a shocking and unnerving jolt mid-way through their trans-Atlantic flight earlier this week.

The Denver-bound Boeing 757 aircraft had departed from Reykjavik’s Keflavik International Airport and was travelling through severe weather conditions when early on during the flight it was suddenly struck by lightning, 9News reports.

The local Denver TV station’s aviation expert Greg Feith said the overseas flight should have turned around.

"They should have turned around. It's a prudent thing to turn around, because you don't know what the damage is," Feith said.

Describing the moment the strike hit the aircraft passenger Kyle Hernandez told FOX31 that the lightning “shook the plane and it was bright.”

“Everybody kind of got tense and we all jumped and looked at each other,” Hernandez said.

Passengers didn’t quite realize the severity of the lightning strike until they landed in Denver.

“We walked over and everyone is staring at this hole in the nose,” passenger Amanda Boldenow told the Denver Post.

“Lightning had struck the plane. I had never been in a plane that had been struck by lightning, so I was really startled,” she said.

Despite the large and noticeable hole, a spokesperson for Iceland said the plane’s notification systems were unaffected.

Aviation experts say that lightning strikes to commercial planes aren’t as bad as they sound and happen one to five times per year.


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