Prep Day for HongKong 2016 Vlog #1

JXZvlogged on 19 February 2016 | This video was taken 2 days before our flight to HongKong

We went to Punggol Waterway Point to purchase some necessities for our trip. Since we decided to pay for our own expenses during the trip (including flight tickets and Airbnb fees), we had been working for more than 2 months. To save our tired souls, we had some good food and shopped around. We were trying to speak fully in english but totally failed. This is a video with a mixture of english, chinese and korean (or nah). This and the following other upcoming vlogs were made for our families and friends to know more about what we did before and during our HongKong trip. Hope you guys enjoy this video!!

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JustinBieber - Love yourself Remix (Gaze Clan Radio)(Brynny x Teddy Cream Bootleg)


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