Presidents Turned Dictators and Their Egos – Bolivia’s Evo Morales Considered

The poorest nation in Central and South America is perhaps Bolivia, some say it ranks dead even with the poverty levels of Honduras. Bolivia's President is a native Indian of that nation, he is the first President of Bolivia from that ancestral lineage. Apparently, he started out as a leader who wanted change, and went forth to make that change; don't they all?

Today, he is quickly undermining the democratic process and becoming his own dictator like his good friend Hugo Chavez. And if Bolivia's President Evo Morales' association with Hugo Chavez and ALBA were not enough to question his integrity, there is a new ego-driven decision that he's made. You see, Evo Morales was not happy enough with the Presidential 1970 Sabre Jet, no now he's buying a Antonov Presidential plane equipped with a Satellite Phone, Internet Capability by Satellite and a meeting room; only $30 million.

Sure why not, he's the president right? Well, yes and no. You see, people are starving in Bolivia, the water is non-drinkable, and the nation has turned socialist and stolen assets from all the companies that invested in the nation. Worse, Evo Morales is buying this Russian aerial mobile command center from Moscow, along with Russian aircraft maintenance center (and remote airbase).

In my professional opinion Bolivia's President reminds me more of an African Third World Dictator and the Russians are taking advantage of him, and his so-called good friends at ALBA are using him to serve their will. So, while he is joining the Third World Dictator Club, the people of Bolivia are starving. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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