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Rumour, gossip or fact.
The tragic death of India's beloved actress, Pratyusha Banerjee.

This story was compiled Prima Facie on April 2, 2016, of events that took place the day before on April 1, in Mumbai, India.

Pratyusha Banerjee was found hanging from the ceiling in a room in her house as reported by the India news outlets.
According to the Indian Express, Police said no suicide note was found and they registered an accidental death report.

An Indian television actress, Pratyusha appeared in numerous television shows and earned accolades, notably one Golden Petal Award.

In his statement to Police, Rahul Singh, a former state level cricketer who also owns a production house, was the first person to see Pratyusha's body hanging from the ceiling fan of their flat in Goregaon West on Friday afternoon.

"We used to stay in a 2 room flat. We had two keys with ourselves where one was with Pratyusha and one was with me. When I entered the bedroom, I saw Pratyusha hung to the ceiling.
I immediately called the neighbours and with their help, I took her to Kokilaben Hospital. We assumed she was alive, however, she was not. I got so scared, that I did not inform the Police.
It was the hospital authorities who informed them.
After the doctor's declaration, I called up Pratyusha's family members and a few close friends."

Meanwhile sources at the Kokilaben Hospital revealed that after Rahul dropped off her body, he scampered from the scene, with her cell phone.

I find that most curious.

It's said he had switched off his own mobile as Police were on his hunt.

Her last message on Whats App read, Marke bhi muh na tuzse modana.

Even after death won't be turning my face away from you.

Sounds to me as if she was standing up for herself and not writing a suicide note.

While some reports said Pratyusha took this drastic step due to mounting financial pressures over the last year, those close to the couple described that she would do certain events out of goodwill, but Rahul had a problem with this. He would interfere and ask for money on her behalf, leading to several arguments between them.

I don't think money was an issue for Pratyusha.

MSN Entertainment reported it was being said that Rahul looked calm and unaffected by the situation during his stay at the hospital and left the place in hurry on pretext that he was booking flight tickets for Pratyusha's parents.

Pratyusha's closest pal, Dolly Bindra, said that she was strong and cannot commit suicide.

Some reports suggested that the Police were also suspecting some foul play in this tragic incident as Pratyusha's body apparently had a faint rope mark on her neck. Her left cheek was bruised and she had blood coming from her mouth.
But neither her eyes nor her tongue had popped out, which is normally the case when someone hangs themselves.

A team of doctors conducted the post mortem for over three hours and the entire procedure had been videographed.

I would very much like to see that video.

Pratyusha's last rites were subsequently carried out at the Oshiwara Crematorium in the presence of tearful parents, other family members and friends.

Actor Ajaz Khan said this can't be suicide.
She was a strong girl she can't commit suicide.
This has happened because of her love life. She had stopped meeting her friends because Rahul didn't like it.
When I had met the guy, I had told Pratyusha, you are a beautiful girl, please be careful. I met her a couple of days ago and she was fine.
So now suddenly suicide!
There's obviously something fishy.

Friends allege seeing bruises on Pratyusha's face.
Rahul Raj claimed innocence.

Many of her industry friends called it a planned murder.
and a report on Spot Boy E said that hours before her alleged suicide, Rahul slapped Pratyusha as the couple had a very public fight at Goregaon's Carnival Cinema.

Rahul Raj Singh's modus operandi was simple.
First, he would befriend a potential victim, then he would offer them work in the industry, followed by his fake claims of love, family wealth and power. Eventually, he would loot them and flee.
Pratyusha was no exception.
I think Pratyusha Banerjee was accidently murdered by Rahul Raj Singh. Her suicide was staged. She enjoyed life and was a fighter, not someone that would give up so easily. When she fell in love with this con-man Singh, she drifted away from friends and family.
He was possessive, jealous and abusive, both physically and mentally.
She was a successful working actor who eventually just stopped working.
This was a case of domestic violence gone too far.
Pratyusha was 5' 2" with a 10' ceiling.
Even standing on the closest piece of furniture, on her tip toes, drunk as it has been reported...sorry I don't buy it.

This was not a suicide, but a murder.
Pratyusha must receive justice.

Pratyusha loved life.
She was a fighter.
Not someone who would give up so easily.

APRIL 1, 2016.

Facts compiled at 5pm on April


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