Private Air Charters – Gives You a Whole New Flying Experience!

Everybody knows flying with commercial airlines can be sometimes very frustrating. We can mention here what situation comes up when dealing with commercial airline; you get delay flight schedule, losing your luggage, security issues and other problems that you might even think about it.

You can seek another alternative for your travel need. There are affordable alternatives that can reduce any unnecessary procedures you have to follow. It is called private air charters. This will bring you a whole new experience traveling by air without hassles. You might think that renting a private jet could cost you a lot of money. You imagine that charter a jet just for a busy executive, celebrities or politician that can pay the cost of renting this private air charters.

Fortunately, you are wrong. Nowadays, there are less expensive join aircraft ownership alternatives available on luxury aircraft. To tell you the truth, the cost of chartering this jet is still high to reach middle income and small company. But, if you insist to look another alternative that you can pay for charter, you are lucky. Today, the advance of technology gives you the opportunity to travel by air using Cirrus SR-22 Turbo G3 for small passenger capacity.

This small private aircraft has a max speed of 219 knots. If you compare with commercial airlines this SR-22 has it all; modern and luxury four-seat aircraft. Still, many people look pessimistic they can fly with this expensive private aircraft charters. You do not need to worry. The price drops to the level of affordable for all of us. Some private jet charters have offered special price ranging about $500 per flight hour for the whole plane. Another advantage using private air charter is the use of the smaller airfields in every city in the land.

This will make you even closer to your destination place. When other commercial airlines travelers got stuck in the airport, you as a private air charter traveler already met with your client negotiating business deals. Today, most people discover the inexpensive price when flying with single-engine air charter. Industry experts predict this charter model will be well known nationwide in the coming years. In not very long, more medium-sized company can fly their sales person, technical support or engineering with this private air charters.

Soon, they will realize the advantages of having private jet charters for their employees and ultimately for their key personnel. When this is happen, a new level of competitiveness will begin.

Source by Fredy Siswanto

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