Private Aviation Is A Solution To Many Cases Of Aerophobia

Fear of flying, or aerophobia, can be a phobia in itself or it can be a symptom for other phobias such as claustrophobia or acrophobia. Aerophobia is also known as aviatophobia, aviophobia, or aeroanxiety. It is a condition that affects 40 percent of Americans and Europeans one way or another.

Since September 11, aerophobia is not just another anxious thought in individual minds, it affects people from all walks of life. Anybody can suffer from it, men and women, young and old in all professions. Nevertheless, the trigger can be unexpected, it can turn a veteran flier into a frightened passenger overnight.

The fear associated with flying is not the same for every aerophobic individual. It can be a specific fear of heights, fear of being over the water, or fear of crashing. Aerophobia often prevents people from going on vacations or attending social events. But fear of flying receives increased attention because air travel is difficult to avoid these days.

It seems that commercial air travel continues to cause a significant proportion of the public's anxiety. CNN reported lately that approximately 1200 people every year take a special course to help them overcome their aerophobia. Not surprisingly, most of them are business travelers.

Experts indicate that, generally, the fear comes from the feeling of losing control and fear of flying can seriously hurt companies if it prevents their employees from traveling on work-related business. In many cases, this feeling can be offset by executive jet charter or jet rental, it gives the executives a sense of security that cannot be achieved in commercial air travel.

Therefore, many companies make strategic business decisions to charter a private jet or charter flights. As a result, aircraft sales, private jet rental, and private jet charter increased dramatically in the past few years. Private individuals who can charter private jets, corporate jets, or use any type of private jet charter flights, often do.

Source by Gadi Capela

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