Private Charter – Safety and Security of Private Jets

According to the statistics, air transport is the safest mode of transport. You might think that big network airlines are much safer than private charters, especially on long flights. But business aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record in recent years.

Those who prefer traveling on commercial airlines assume that significant carriers always have a large maintenance service and that everything is checked thoroughly - while they imagine that private charter companies rely on the service of their partners which are not so completely reliable. I suppose it's usual to think that something big - doesn't matter if it is a car or an airplane - is safer than something small. But this supposition is not correct at all. The technical services that carry out maintenance for business jets are of just the same high quality as the companies which work on commercial airplanes. As private jets are used less intensively than many commercial planes, there is plenty of time between flights to check everything.

In most countries, all the private charter carriers have to meet the high safety standards set by the Civil Aviation Authority. If safety is a reason why you hesitate to choose a private charter flight over a commercial flight, the best way to dispel your doubts is to ask the private jet operator or your charter broker for the carrier`s safety certificates - they will be happy to show them.

The pilots operating private jets will pay particular attention to the safety of their precious cargo - you. They will simply not fly if the conditions are not fully safe. While this might be frustrating if the crew decides that weather conditions are unacceptable, you can be assured that they have your well-being at the front of their mind and will not allow any issues to cloud their judgment on safety.

Private jets offer not only a high level of safety but also much greater security and privacy to the passengers. It is much easier to protect some sensitive business information if you travel with a jet charter than on a trip with a commercial airline. You do not risk losing material in suitcases. Unknown or unwanted companions will not be looking over you shoulder or eavesdropping any discussions you want to have with colleagues, family or friends.

Source by Polina Medvedeva

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