Private Jet Leasing – Is it the Right Option For You?

There are many options for you to choose about having an aircraft either for business or personal use. You can pick which one is best for you among these 3 options: traditional air charter or private jet leasing or purchasing a new one.

Let's see about leasing a jet. It has some factors you may need to know before you go with this option. Private jet leasing is little bit different when you compare with a charter jet, where you can book a seat for your trip to any destination in the world.

What is the meaning of leasing an aircraft? It is normally when the whole aircraft is leased from leaser to the leasee. Now, you see the difference between jet charter and jet lease. Jet charter grants you access to the occupancy of the seats for specific time and destination, but on the contrary, jet lease grants you full access of aircraft for a fixed time period. At the end of fixed time period, you agree to pay the amount you agreed with the leaser.

More private aircraft companies are now allowing you to lease of their jet for particular time and certain amount of money. These private jet leasing companies will hand you the required information to allow you to making the decision toward your needs of an aircraft. This procedure will make sure that leasing aircraft is the right option for you.

Important Principles of Leasing

Normally, it is commercial plane and some other types of planes that are for leasing. But, basically the principles underlying the lease are the same in most cases.

Since this option is a little bit different with jet rental, it is a good lesson to the newcomer knowing all the process for leasing a private jet. You could get guidance from some aviation specialists who could explain to you through the whole process smoothly with less stress.

These aviation specialists are professional in the private jet leasing. They will tell you all the options you have for leasing a jet, the requirements, price, etc.

Knowing the Leasing Options

There are several options open for you to lease a jet. Do not get confused with it.

The options are ACMI lease, Dry lease, Wet lease and Damp lease. ACMI is the acronym of the four most essential factors of aviation. A for Aircraft, C for Crew, M for Maintenance and I for Insurance.

Wet lease is the aircraft leased with fuel. Damp lease is where the aircraft leased with fuel but no cabin crew. Dry lease is where the aircraft leased without fuel.

By knowing all these preliminary steps, you can make the right decision for your needs of travel. Select the one that best suit for your needs.

Source by Fredy Siswanto

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