Private Jet Ownership vs. Rental

Savvy business executives know that traveling is a big part of their career. Getting to an important meeting on time anywhere in the world can be the deciding factor in whether or not you seal the deal. You need global transportation that is convenient and cost effective, ready to go whenever you are. This is why some choose to purchase an executive jet for business use. But you may have questions about which will provide the best fit for your travel needs: private jet ownership or jet rental?

If you own a jet fully, then that aircraft can be available for your use exclusively. You are, however, locked into that one jet, which might or might not provide appropriate transport for your needs. Lighter craft are suited for short trips, while heavier craft are best for longer ones. Some businesses find it more cost efficient to own a fraction of a jet. Although you might save some money at the outset, there are some problematic issues associated with this type of ownership. If all the owners want to travel at the same time, such as a busy holiday weekend, you may not have access to the aircraft even though you have paid your share for its use. You are also responsible for all of the costs associated with running the jet, including personnel costs, plane maintenance and ever-rising fuel expenses. These costs, over time, can be formidable, and for a jet that might not be available when you need it.

Jet rental, on the other hand, offers you a great deal of flexibility. With only four hours notice, you can be up in the air flying toward your destination. You never have to worry about whether or not a jet will be available. There are thousands of corporate jets to choose from, including everything from light jets to heavy and even jumbo jets.

Another advantage that comes from using charter jets is that you will no longer have to take time out of your busy schedule to make all of the reservations and plans that must occur before you take off. A good air charter brokerage will offer you a personal aviation consultant, who can ably handle all of your travel details for you. Simply make your requests known, and your expert consultant will manage them for you efficiently.

Patrons of charter jets also save on costs because you only pay for what you use. When you own the jet, you pay for the use of the jet not only when you are in the air, but also when it is parked in the hangar. For these reasons, many businesspeople prefer the flexibility and cost-benefit that comes with jet rental over jet ownership.

Source by Jonathan Blocker

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