Private Jet Rentals – Shocking Facts About Private Luxury Jets

Probably most of you people are daydreaming about flying in a private luxury jet. For those who already did it - just admit it, it feels absolutely fantastic.

Business jet, private jet or, colloquially, bizjet is a term describing a jet aircraft, usually of smaller size, designed for transporting groups of business people. Business jets may be adapted for other roles, such as the evacuation of casualties or express parcel deliveries, and a few may be used by public bodies, governments or the armed forces.

The good news is that nowadays private jets can be easily rent by ordinary people, in case they can afford it. Why afford? Well, because it is not really cheap. However, if you would like to taste the real pride of taking a flight in a luxury private jet, you must know some shocking facts about the things you will meet in your way to achieve this beautiful dream.

Now let's talk about those issues that can't be offered by public airlines, but you can have in a private jet. First of all it's about comfort and luxury. While public airlines simple can not afford implementing extremely nice conditions for their costumers, private airlines that run jet rentals concentrate all their efforts to do so. Commercial airlines cannot compare to the benefits of private charter jets.

Often, after just one short flight in a private jet, passengers are absolutely amazed. Those who have enough income might think that this kind of air transport is going to be the only one for them. And the main cause for such an attitude is the luxury and pleasure you experience while taking an air ride in such an aircraft.

Avoid the high stress

One of the major benefits when renting a private jet charter is avoiding the 'high stress' of flying on a commercial airline. Passengers became very concerned lately about all these terrorist attacks and they do not have the same confidence about flying with public commercial airlines. Those who can afford to rent a private jet do this for their own safety.

Utmost comfort and convenience

Spacious comfortable seats that you don't usually find in normal aircraft charters, fantastic meals, bars, and in-flight DVD movies are just some of the comfort peaks you can expect from your next aircraft charter flight. Such services totally beat those cheap commercial airlines where you can barely move your legs and relax.

Accessibility and high level of safety

Finally, when renting a private jet, you do not have to wait in enormous lines for hours. Exactly, waiting is over, forget about it. When dealing with such great services those usual queues are over. Hurray!

Flexibility in their routes

Generally, commercial airlines have a set number of routes with only one or two connecting cities or countries. However, private jets can afford you more then just a flight from one country or city to another.

There are approximately 18,000 business jets in the worldwide fleet with the vast majority of them based in the United States or owned by US companies.

Source by Henry Luciano

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