Private Jets – Waiting For the Internet Era

Almost everyone is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet - answers for lots of questions and solutions for different problems are found by writing e-mails or posts in social network sites. The news channels of the Internet have turned into a necessary tool for the majority of different businesses. A long disconnection from the net for busy and pressured people is unbearable and the long flight is one of the situations when a person is deprived of access to the virtual world. Of course some very busy and very important people are happy to spend several hours without being on line - no one can find them in their private jets and they can spend some time on their own.

Some commercial airlines have already announced that they will connect their planes with the Internet. But the technical providers are also working on installing high speed Internet systems on different types of business jets. Sooner or later not only the private jet owners but also those who book with jet charter companies will get the opportunity to work on the Internet or just explore the web during their flight. And it is much better to work on the Net while flying in a business jet than on a commercial flight.

A private charter usually carries fewer people than a commercial flight so there are more opportunities to work in private or just to read some news in better conditions. Every passenger has more space in a business jet so it is easier to use your laptop in comfort. As there are fewer people - there are fewer chances that someone will see the letter or an important document on your laptop. So exploring the Internet and answering e-mails during the flight are much more comfortable in a private jet than in a commercial plane.

As the private charters fly according to the client's schedule, the passenger also has the opportunity to choose the best moment for working and writing e-mails.

Source by Polina Medvedeva

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