Private Plane Rental Costs – Two Great Tips on How to Lower the Costs of Private Jet Rentals

Private plane rental costs may be less than what you expected. The costs of a private jet charter are getting lower and lower every day. There are a few ways to save money using a private plane and this article will explain two of those ways.

Method One - One of the best ways to save money on your next private plane rental is to find empty flights. That right...empty flights. You see most charter jets are only charted one way for the day that they fly. So if a person hires a private plane to go from Atlanta Georgia to Dallas Texas then most likely the plane will go back empty to Atlanta. This is called a dead link or dead head. If you are flexible with your travel dates then this method will work great at lowering the costs to fly. Check with a specialist who books private jets and tell them this is what you are looking for. If you are flying to a popular destination then there is a great chance you will get an excellent rate.

Method Two - Call owners of private jets personally or go to a local small airport and ask around. There are many small jet owners who will be glad to get your business and not have to pay the booking agent. In many of the smaller airports there will be a bulletin board of different jet owners looking for more business. Call them up and see if they fly where you want to go. You will be surprised by how low the costs of flying a private plane can be.

Source by Jordan S Ashton

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