Pros & Cons of Air Charter

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Privacy is one of the main advantages of air charter. Air charter means confidentiality is guaranteed as you will know everyone on board as the passenger list will be determined by you. This means you don't need to worry about people distracting you or looking over your shoulder whilst you work.

Avoid Delays:

When you fly by commercial operators you are one in hundreds. You have to queue just like the rest of the crowd. Air charter means you call the shots, after all the crew are employed by you. If you have any need for specialist communications equipment or specific food and drink requirements all you need to do is make a request prior to departure. If you have organised refreshments during the flight the cabin crew is almost one on one, depending on the size of the aircraft.

Flexible Booking:

When you book at flight using air charter the cost of the flight does not rise the closer you book to your departure. If you fly using scheduled operators the price of an air fare can be just as expensive as hiring your own aircraft should you book really close to your departure date. This situation does not occur with a private jet because you hire the whole aircraft for the day. If an aircraft is available you will secure it.

Being able to book an aircraft as such a late point in the day really suites business travellers. Just like life in general business is unpredictable. There are times when you are just about to depart to the airport when you suddenly have to change your plans. Imagine if you did this using a commercial aircraft. The point is that they certainly would not wait for you. You would either lose you money or have to pay a hefty cancellation free.

Hire or Ownership?

The advantage of air charter is that you can dictate when the aircraft takes off. If you are going to be late just call the broker and delay the departure. The same procedure applies for the return leg.

If flying by private jet is for you, you might want to consider purchasing a plane. For the lucky few this will be an option. However, the other option is to purchase shares in an aircraft. Unfortunately this is often still way out of many peoples' budgets. The third and most logical option is to contact an air charter broker to hire a plane. A broker will do all the arranging for you so your departure goes off without a hitch.

One disadvantage which people might point out is that corporate jets and planes are slower than the commercial aircraft. This is certainly not the case. Even if you were to hire a small aircraft as an air taxi you would still get the hope on a regular operator. Air charter means you can fly to regional airports which easier to get to.

Flying High & Fast:

These days modern private jets actually fly higher than commercial jets which means you fly over the worse of the weather. They also fly just as fast as most commercial aircraft. Add this to the fact that private jets can land at regional airports means you would arrive well in advance of a meeting compared to if you had flow by a standard operator.

Source by Samantha Coleman

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