Pt.3 Egypt 2011: Cairo, Giza, Ma’adi, Saqqara (Post-Mubarak)

I lived in Ma'adi, Egypt for approximately 2 years back in 1996-1997. I hadn't been back until May of 2011, and what a trip it was! We had literally purchased our flight tickets one week before the enormous protests began, which eventually ousted Hosni Mubarak from the Presidency. The revolution however had only just begun and is not over.

After many hours contemplating our safety, we decided to continue on with the trip. We felt it would be a very interesting time to visit Egypt given the current political climate, voilence, and lack of a solid government. People were still uneasy, but there was still a sense of elation with the Egyptian people.
While we were there I filmed a series of places we visited, including quite a bit of time driving around the Cairo/Giza/Ma'adi area. Some places you'll see: Pyramids at Giza, Old Cairo, Tahrir Square, Cairo, Giza, Ma'adi (including areas around Rd. 9), The Citadel, Step Pyramids at Saqqara, and so on.

Not too much has changed since I left that I can remember, but if one thing is for sure, Cairo is growing at a rapid rate. I hope you enjoy the footage šŸ˜‰

1. Fairuz - Sallimleh Alayh
2. The Reflecting Skin - Traffickers
3. Animals As Leaders - Soraya
4. Cairo Orchestra - Al Atlal
5. Tycho - PBS
6. Jakob - Lonesome
7. Nine Inch Nails - 2 Ghosts I


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