Radio Controlled Helicopters For Beginners and Newcomers

Flying radio controlled helicopters is such an exciting and thrilling hobby and practically anyone can participate. RC airplanes have been popular for many years now but helicopters are catching up fast because of the construction and aerodynamics of their design. There are many venues that you can now enter your RC Helicopter and compete against others.

The best way to get started with radio controlled helicopters is to opt for a low-cost RC helicopter designed for flying indoors. This will help you familiarize yourself with the controls and build some RC helicopter flying skills. You'll want to know your helicopter inside and out before you enter your first competition.

The beginner should choose an electric helicopter, as there are less expensive, and require less maintenance. They are easier to fly, and they also fly much quieter than gas powered models. On the other hand they do have shorter flight times, and you have to recharge the battery after every flight, which takes up to two hours to recharge.

Radio controlled helicopters have come a long way from the early models, with the mainframe and boom designs having been greatly streamlined. This allows modern RC helicopters to perform some difficult moves such as flying backwards or even upside down. Double blades are another recent development in radio controlled helicopters that have helped to stabilize and allow for greater flight control due to their spinning in opposite directions at a single speed.

The new models for beginners are inexpensive and feature the new fixed pitch blades. These blades make for a smooth flight, even if you're a beginner with these exciting models. This makes for a quick graduation to stepping up to the more advanced and also a little more expensive models.

You may need some additional equipment, depending what kind of radio controlled helicopter you opt for. Electric RC helicopters usually include everything you need in the kit, but you'll probably want to pick up some extra batteries so that you don't have to sit out on the fun while you recharge.

The nitro gas powered RC helicopters will need fuel which is a little on the expensive side and you will also need to have cleanup rags for wiping away any gas that has spilled. With both types, it is always a good idea to have extra blades just in case something should get damaged in a crash.

Beginning pilots of radio controlled helicopters will often wonder whether they should go for an electric helicopter or one which is gas powered. Choosing a gas powered model will make for a bit more of a learning curve and provide an additional challenge as well. Advanced RC helicopter hobbyists generally fly gas powered helicopters, which they say are closer to the experience of flying a real helicopter. While the fuel for these RC helicopters is a little pricey, these models do allow you to refuel quickly and get your helicopter back in the air fast.

Source by Nick Roerts

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