RC Helicopter: How to Find the Right Model to Match Your Skill Level

Remote Control Helicopter (RC Helicopter) flying is one of the most attractive hobbies not only for the young, but also for those young at heart. However, finding the right toy is indeed a daunting task, whether you are the one taking up the hobby, or looking for the ideal gift for a child. This is because the price can range from as little as $40 to a staggering $500. But the good news is that not all these helicopters are crafted in the same manner, thus finding one that matches your desire and skill level should not prove too difficult. Some of the best models available on the market include the Syma Chinook Helicopter, the Parrot AR Drone, and the Syma RC Helicopter.

Below, we take a look at 4 factors to consider when purchasing a remote controlled helicopter as follows:

1. Size

Size is a vital consideration as larger models are renowned for their speed and power not to mention attractive features such as innovative designs and spotlights. However, there are some privileges you will have to forego if you settle on a large helicopter. First is that you will not be able to fly it easily indoors which is one of the best places to learn how to fly these gadgets. In addition, indoor flying allows you numerous hours of practice in a controlled environment during all kinds of weather as you do not have to worry yourself with adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind.

2. Type of flying you intend to undertake

What type of flying do you intend to do? For most people, speed is everything and they are willing to forgo everything else to achieve it. Yet others buy these helicopters in order to perform various stunts and tricks. Also, there are those who just want to perform basic flying maneuvers that are not taxing.

For those into stunt flying, small, single-blade helicopters offer the best option. Variously referred to as mini helicopters, they can perform stunts such as upside down flying, barrel rolls, and loop-the-loops. The downside to performing these amazing stunts, however, is that you compromise on the balance and control that is provided by larger models.

Those who prefer a basic, simple to fly RC helicopter should go for one with a gyro stabilizer. Located along the helicopter's top, this is an extra bar that aids in balancing the weight thus making the flying experience much more enjoyable.

3. An RTF or Ready to Fly Kit

If you are an avid remote control helicopter enthusiast, consider purchasing the ready-to-fly kit. This makes the assembly of the helicopter even more fun. And while not necessarily cheaper, you can introduce variables that can alter the helicopter's flight capabilities.

4. Construction and design features

It is of utmost importance that the helicopter you settle on is solidly constructed as it is inevitable that it will crash from time to time. Therefore, you need a RC model that can not only take a hit, but keep going while at it. Those that are made from hard plastic polymers will ensure that this is so. Further, these helicopters now come in classy, futuristic, and even military designs that are meant to enhance the flying experience.

The above guide is intended to help you find a model that fits both your flight plans and style as operating an RC Helicopter need not be intimidating or difficult.

Source by Lester Lim

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