RC Jet Flight Demo – Freewing F-14 Tomcat Twin 80mm EDF Jet Sunny Day Flight

This is my buddy Odell tearing up the skies airshow style at a new location with his Freewing F-14 Tomcat Twin 80mm EDF Jet. He puts on an excellent flight Flight Demo as always. There is even some Bonus Footage at the end, which is a flight at sunset that looks very cool!

He has command of this RC Jet like he does his Freewing F-16. The main difference is that it was like the movie Top Gun with a smaller Grumman F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet because he was flying an F-14 Tomcat! There was also a Goose and Maverick moment that you can’t miss!

The pilot also has some other really nice RC Warbirds, including this Jet Warbird. I already have video up of his Top Flite Giant Scale Focke Wulf FW-190, FMS P-51 Mustang WWII Warbird RC Plane, and his 1700mm FMS F4U Corsair.

The next video I have of his in the pipeline is for his Freewing F-16C Super Scale 90mm EDF Jet where I got some reverse angle footage that has to be experienced, not just seen! 🙂

This is how Motion RC describes this plane:

“We here at Motion RC are proud to announce our Super Scale F-14D Tomcat! Never before has an electric F-14 been produced in this size and with this high a degree of scale fidelity and quality. Easily one of the most beloved jets in history, we’re especially excited to offer this thrilling F-14D Tomcat. For us and many RC pilots in our customer family, it is a dream come true!

Our team worked tirelessly to develop an RC model which brings the excitement and scale performance of this hallmark aircraft to your local flying field and to appropriately honor the F-14 Tomcat’s rightful place in aviation history. We chose to depict “Bullet 101”, the specially marked F-14D from the VF-2 squadron “Bounty Hunters”, which was painted in the mid-1990s to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the F-14’s service in the United States Navy. This rendition of “Bullet 101” is an appropriate salute to all the personnel who served alongside this breathtaking aircraft throughout its 32 year service to our country.

The signature feature of the real F-14 is its sweeping wing, and we’ve worked to design this model around this function as well. Where previous foam F-14 models failed, This F14 succeeds. This is due to the lightweight aluminum “Wing Box” which supports a rigid wing in both forward and swept configurations. A sloppy wing can be dangerous and so this F-14 was designed around the Wing Box to distribute the loads across the fuselage and ensure the model could consistently withstand high speed maneuvers without needing any maintenance and adjustment to the wing sweeping mechanisms. The wings pivot on flat bearings to reduce resistance and wear. Electric servoless actuators extend and sweep the wings along a four second span using steel control rods and brass ball links. The result of this design is a dependable, maintenance-free, durable wing sweep feature which when used with our recommended control settings provides pilots with a worthy F-14 flying experience without the worry traditionally associated with swing wing models.

Scale fidelity, surface details, and builder-friendliness were also specific areas of focus. The PNP model arrives with the main fuselage completely assembled. All the electronics –servos, EDFs, ESCs, UBEC, retracts, and lights—are completely installed at the factory for the PNP variant. The builder simply needs to screw on the wings and tail surfaces, affix the upper wing box plates with the provided Allen bolts, epoxy on the forward nose section, pop on the magnetic nose cone, and then glue the assorted surface details like the ventral fins, wing fences, antennas, pitot tube, etc. Bind your receiver (not included) to the pre-labeled connections, match the recommended settings, and you’re ready to fly! The decision to add this F-14D to your fleet will be an easy and resounding “Yes!”.

While the complexity of this Motion RC F-14D make it the largest, most impressive, and heaviest EDF jet available at Motion RC to date, the aircraft uses two 80mm 12 blade EDFs and two 6s 4000mAh batteries which can propel it through the sky at 100mph. While 100mph is good, we would not consider this a “speed jet”. The design specifically focused on slow flight stability in order to widen the model’s controllable flight envelope. The model can cruise at 60% throttle, can turn at 40% throttle even with the wings swept rearward, and can land at less than 40mph with full flaps for safely controlled landings on the reinforced landing gear and aluminum compression struts. The F-14D’s two powerplants utilize the same 1750kv.”


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