RC Jet Models – The Ultimate Flying Experience

If you're into radio controlled flying, you may already know that there is no better thrill than gas or electric powered jets. However, they are not for the beginners. These are large-scale planes in the hobby grade models that need a lot of work, much experience and a huge amount of cash to deal with.

But there are options as even beginner RC jet models are fast. Some models have been designed for slower and more stable flights than their larger versions. Electric Ducted Fan or EDF models are a very good choice if you want to enter into RC jets flying. These come with, as the term suggests, a ducted fan, which is a small powerful unit housing a multi-bladed propeller, called an impeller. The impeller spins fast, sucks in air and forces it through the small funnel-shaped unit. Their thrust-to-size ratio is immense, hence the faster flying speed of the RC Jet models.

There are many Ready To Fly or RTF and Almost Ready To Fly or ARFs electric jets available in the market. These models are not suitable for beginners but if you have some experience they shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

RC gas turbine jets are the ultimate in giving realistic flying experience. But as mentioned earlier these are best left alone until you have lots of confidence, endless hours of experience and more importantly a lot of money! Be ready to dish out over a thousand dollars for even a small sized turbine unit. The jet and radio are separate. So a twin engine model would cost you a fortune.

Large scale jet models look and sound beautifully realistic in the air and a properly built scale model is very impressive to watch in action. These aircraft are becoming more and more common, and it's worth trying to locate one if you can. Just contact your local RC club.

Every model has its limitations so is the case with RC Jet models, but they have an advantage that they are not affected by wind because of their high speed and aerodynamics. However, disorientation may be a problem as an RC jet model flown at a distance is not easily visible that where it's going and what it's doing. But the thrill remains along with the constraints to fly these speedy machines called scale RC Jet models.

Source by Simon Junior Ray

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