RC Plane That Transfers Your Troops

You are in the middle of a war. You need to get your troops from your base and let them start firing away at the other base. You have to do that or else your whole operation may fail. You would not want that. You need an airlifter.

One of the things that your toy soldiers would definitely be very thankful for would be Gadget Epoint because this is where the RC plane Airlifter can be found. The Airlifter is not just your ordinary remote controlled air plane. It is designed to be a troop carrier. And the most important thing here is that it looks like the real thing, flies like the real thing, and can be controlled like the real thing.

Children who have played with the Airlifter certainly has enjoyed hours of fun. However, children are the only ones who had fun with this toy. Grown ups who also have been able to play with this remote controlled plane had felt the fun that came with playing with it. Indeed, one can really say that the Airlifter is one toy that both children and grown ups can enjoy.

The Airlifter comes with a battery which you can charge up for just a mere 10 minutes to get it fully charged. When it is fully charged, you would get to let this RC plane fly high for a good four minutes or even more. Now that is a good amount of flight. With the remote control that has a joy stick, you can easily control the flight of the Airlifter and enjoy hours of playing pretend that you are in a war.

Source by Paula James

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