RC Planes for Beginners – Ready to Fly Radio Control Planes

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been fascinated with flight. From early attempts to imitate birds to the application of mechanical ingenuity and the scientific method to the problem, man finally, after much trial and error, on Dec. 17, 1903 accomplished the first successful, controlled, heavier than air flight. Since that day at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, progress has taken place by leaps and bounds until today, global air travel is commonplace. However, not everyone has the time or money to jet to a vacation in a far away land, or to own and operate a private plane. Yet we still may remain enthralled with flying and the airplanes that make it possible. Learning to fly electric, radio remote controlled model planes is a realizable and inexpensive way to satisfy our desire. For those with the flying bug, simple, affordable, easy to use RC planes for beginners are a great place to start.

A quick trip to the local hobby store or a search online will yield many different options of electric Ready to Fly (RTF) RC planes for beginners, from toy to micro planes, park flyers to trainer, and biplanes to gliders. Some RC models are only partially assembled or come with complicated plans for building from scratch. Some enthusiasts love model building, but the majority of newcomers are better served by pre-assembled planes, with all necessary parts - motor, radio system, servos, battery pack, etc. - packaged together and pre-installed. With RTF planes, all you need to do is insert batteries and you are ready to go. Beginner planes, slower flying and more stable than advanced models, are also easier to fly and to repair. Because they are so forgiving, they allow you to build your eye-hand coordination at your own pace.

Another advantage of RC planes for beginners is their affordability. The ability to start with an inexpensive plane is beneficial to novice pilots because crashes are bound to happen. Look for a beginner plane that is crash-resistant but simple to repair when repairs are needed. Also be sure to select a model for which replacement parts are readily available. If they aren't and you total the plane, your only option is to replace it and that can become expensive.

Source by D. D. Wright

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