Real Flight Simulator – 7 Reasons Why Every Pilot Needs a Real Flight Simulator

There comes a point in every pilot's aviation life, where it makes sense to devote some time to using a real flight simulator. Here are 7 of the most common reasons:

1. You save money on training. Any time spent training with a simulator translates directly into costs savings, since simulators are obviously much more cost effective than aircraft rental.

2. You save time on your training. It is a much easier to power on your PC, launch your simulator, and be "airborne" in a matter of minutes, than it is to schedule a flying lesson, preflight and refuel the aircraft, taxi, await takeoff clearance and then getting airborne.

3. You become a more proficient pilot. The difference between a good pilot and a great pilot depends on how many hours you log in the aircraft. The more time you spend practicing, the more proficient you become. A real flight simulator empowers you to dedicate more time to practicing, at your leisure, without spending extra money.

4. Keep you engaged during unexpected downtime. All pilots experience periods of downtime during which they cannot fly for whatever reason, such as the weather, monetary constraints, aircraft maintenance, lack of instructor availability, or conflicting personal engagements. Rather than not flying at all, you can hone your skills by practicing on a real flight simulator.

5. Helps you improve your weaknesses. If you experience difficulty mastering certain maneuvers or procedures, you can practice as often as necessary by using a real flight simulator. You have the ability to save flights, pause, fast forward, rewind, and replay them. You can even commence a flight session in mid-air rather than starting out on the runway.

6. You aren't likely to die from a simulator airplane crash. Unless you suffer from a heart condition and the thought of crashing a simulator aircraft on your home PC stresses you out, you don't have to worry about death or injury at the hands of a real flight simulator!

7. Useful for conducting "dry-runs" of cross-country flights. A real flight simulator can be leveraged to fly a cross-country "dry run" in advance of actually making that flight for real. Thus you can familiarize yourself with all navigation checkpoints, communications procedures, and landmarks before even getting airborne.

Source by Jay Williamson

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