Rear Seats Offer Better Chances of Plane Crash Survival

Rare seats reportedly offer the greatest chances of survival in the event of a plane crash.

Any idea which one is the safest seat in a plane?

It was previously thought that the seats directly over the wing were the strongest, however several studies, including one featured in a recent documentary, claim that the safest place to be is in the rear of the aircraft. The producers of the program equipped a Boeing 727 with crash dummies, cameras and sensors.

The plane was deliberately crashed in a desert in Mexico. And the dummies were outfitted with breakable, human-like bones.

After hitting the ground, the first 11 rows of seating were ripped out. The force was the greatest towards the pilot end of the plane. Experts said that none of the first class seated passengers would have lived and the chances of surviving were much greater for rear sitting travelers.

While several aircraft manufacturers are quick to dismiss the findings, it does corroborate a 2007 study by Popular Mechanics that concluded rear seats were the safest after analyzing all crashes since 1971.

Where do you like to sit when flying?


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