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At Greenjets, we've created something special: a private jet alternative that offers the simplicity and affordability of the airlines, with the convenience and peace of mind normally associated with flying private by owning a jet, buying a fractional ownership in a jet, purchasing a jet card or through private jet charter. With Greenjets you will access private jets, on confirmed flights, with guaranteed seat pricing, at a cost that will seem more like the airlines than flying on a private jet. Greenjets' Shared-ride private jet clients:
Access a vast fleet of private jets operated by jet charter companies that are safety rated by ARGUS
Have the freedom to fly on the right aircraft for each trip
Do not risk capital up front or on account
Can join flexible discount Membership programs and save up to 90%
Enjoy personal travel concierge services
Feel good about reducing jet waste while they fly the smartest way possible

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