Restored 1943 Northrop Flying Wing: UP-CLOSE FLIGHT DEMO !

This video is of the fourth (and last) 1/3-scale flying wing (the N-9MB) built by Northrop in 1943 to support the development and testing of the full-size flying wing being built at that time, the XB-35. This aircraft is the sole survivor of the original four N-9s. The N-9MB was used for testing the flight characteristics of the flying wing design and to familiarize pilots in the handling of this unusual aircraft. The N-9MB was restored by volunteers of the Planes of Fame Museum (Chino, CA) over a period of about 13 years and now (2011) is flown to many California air shows. It is powered by two Franklin aircooled, 8-cylinder, 540 cubic inch, horizontally opposed, 300-hp engines, of which only three are known to exist today of the 27 originally built. The propellers are driven by extension shafts that utilize fluid-drive couplers (torque converters). The couplers help to reduce engine/propeller vibration problems associated with the long propeller shafts. The top speed is about 258 mph and the range is about 500 miles. An unusual, rare and historic sight!


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