Revolution in Air Travel

Fractional Seat Ownership FSO

Welcome to MyJets,

MyJets, Inc has developed a new air transportation model called FSO (Fractional Seat Ownership), a new concept which redefines the future of private air travel.

The MyJets business model is unique and focused on saving time for a busy executive who needs to travel weekly between two locations that are within 500 miles of each other without having to charter a whole aircraft, buy a fractional ownership of a whole aircraft or be forced to fly on a commercial carrier.

The price per flight is comparable to an airline ticket, and the Investment for the Fractional Ownership of the Seat and the monthly fee for management and maintenance are easily justified by the timesavings achieved.

MyJets allows the executive who travels weekly to the same destination, the opportunity to buy a share on an airplane corresponding to his/her own seat. This is an inexpensive way to benefit from all the advantages of a private jet without the cost.

The MyJets model has most of the cost and frequency advantages of the commercial airline, while having the comfort, security, and speed advantages of the private air charter. (Please read well this is fractional ownership)

The target customer is the executive who does not live close to one of the 500 airports serviced by commercial airlines and who wastes hours driving to the airport, parking, checking in, going through security, getting a rental car and then driving to the destination.

For example, total travel time between Camarillo and Palo Alto (two cities 400 miles apart, in California) is reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours.
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