Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS | Brno to London Stansted *Full Flight*

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Onboard my first Ryanair flight in over a year taking me back to London Stansted. The flight was very "typically" Ryanair. Lots of people talking very loudly and of course screaming kids... The flight itself though was very good no complaints, left on time beautiful views of the sunset during our descent and while holding for arrival at Stansted.
A few things to look & listen out for...
Listen out for the safety demonstration tape cut out then the crew continue to do it manually and it restarted again which caused a few laughs. Quite interesting aswell at Brno the aircraft are parked facing away from the terminal so only start one engine while on stand in order for it to not cause too much blast behind it, then we move onto the taxiway and started the second one. Also a fair few bumps of turbulence not long into the flight, tried my best to get the wingflex on camera but its quite difficult when you're actually bouncing around aswell.
And finally, something I find common with Ryanair but I've never noticed on other airlines the taxiing speed. Both after arrival at Stansted and taxiing for departure at Brno we were bouncing along at one hell of pace down those narrow taxiways, what do you think?

Flight Number: FR8404
Aircraft: Boeing 737-8AS
Registration: EI-EKC
Seat: 8A
Engine Type: CFM56-7B24
Departure Time: 17:25
Date: 7th October 2015
Cruising Alt: 36,000ft (FL360)
Departure Runway: RWY09
Arrival Runway: RWY23
Route: BRQ-STN

Anyway quite a nice change to be on a 737 instead of an Airbus its been a while since my last Boeing flight.

Thanks for watching!


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