Scale Flying Model of XC-142 VTOL

The XC-142 is a stand-off scale model of a full scale VTOL transport. Five full scale aircraft were built in the 1960s and evaluated in various roles. Despite meeting most of the requirements it was never developed further. It had high vibration levels, poor lateral stability in forward flight and a tendency towards a long period pitch oscillation in hover that eventually resulted in a crash and ended the program. The model has similar aerodynamic issues and it is only though the capability of the OpenAero2-VTOL firmware that it can be made to fly and fly well. The flight controller provides 3 axis stabilization in hover mode and stabilization in roll and yaw for forward flight.

Unlike the full scale aircraft, which had variable pitch propellers for control, the model uses fixed pitch propellers. In hover mode it is similar to a tri-copter except that there are 4 motors up front instead of 2, and the tail rotor is very small, lightly loaded, and doesn’t tilt to control yaw. Instead the ailerons are used for yaw control. In forward flight it is a normal airplane except that it uses differential motor thrust instead of rudder.

Flight Controller: KK2.0
Flight Controller Firmware: OpenAero2-VTOL
Radio: Spectrum DX7s TX with 6 ch RX, AR6200
Tilt Wing Servo: Hitec, HS-645MG
Elevator Servo: Hitec, HS5055MG
Aileron Servos: Hextronix, HXT900, 2 each
Switching Battery Eliminator Circuit: Castle Creations CC BEC 10A (peak)
Main Motor ESC: CarbonBird, 18Amp, MultiCopter, 4S, Double Heatsink, 302W, 4 each
Tail Motor ESC: Castle Creations, Phoenix-10, 10A, 4s
Main Propellers: GWS, 9″dia. x 5″ pitch, 3 blade, Counter Rotating
Tail propeller: GWS 4.5″ dia. x 3″ pitch, 2 blade
Battery: 3.3Ah, Li-Po, 3 cell, 11.1V
Wing Span: 39″
Wing Area: 185 sq. in.
Weight: 3 lb. 2 oz.
Maximum thrust at full throttle: Over 5 lb.
Construction: Carbon Fiber and Depron (foam)
Designer/Pilot: Ran D. St. Clair


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